Letter to Customers

Dear Prospective Customer,

If you’ve been around construction or dealt in facility management any length of time, you have probably noticed that most painting contractors promise the highest quality work with the best materials in the shortest amount of time. With all the claims made, how do you know who will best meet your needs?

A facility manager or general contractor is bound to hear at least some complaints ranging from expensive damage to furniture and equipment to unnecessary messes, odors and poor workmanship.

The experience and specialization Gray Painting has to offer is a key factor in helping you significantly reduce the number of complaints.

When Jim Gray and I started Gray Painting in 1970, some customers were concerned about our relative youthfulness, Now, few of our competitors can match our combined total of over 60 years specializing in commercial painting, taping and bedding, and wallcovering.

Have you considered the durability of the finishes once the job is complete? Have you overseen a project that was completed smoothly only to be disappointed in the condition a year later? Gray Painting’s expertise can recommend durable coatings and wallcovering, as well as a program to maintain them.

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If you have any particular need that isn’t being met or would like to compare, just give us a call at 214.352.5058.


Larry Gray, President and CEO

Gray Painting Company, Inc.  


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